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Mindflow Radio #83: The Instinct of Anger and How to Overcome Them.

In this episode:

  • Ecstatic Gayatri by Shen; Jai on vocals and keyboard, Monte on drums and bass.

  • Conversation with Jai and Monte on what is anger, instinct and what is manipulation? Do we need to manipulate things to shape our behavior?

  • Meditation with Jai's Song by Shen; Jai on vocals and Monte on piano.

  • Concluding conversation with many skills on how to handle anger and negative emotions to live a more mindful joyful life.

Jai's Corner for July:

This past month was pretty intense. Fast paced growth and change abound in my life. As in this episode, I have been profoundly affected by my cats recent "misplaced aggression disorder" that lasted for a few days. Anger as an instinct can change who we are and how we feel in our body. It has become an imperative that I not let this emotion rule me, which also brings up fear - the root of anger. We will see "how the cards fall" and whatever happens, it is still my choice how I perceive it. Blessings on your month, may it be full of understandings and solutions.

Monte and My Wedding Flowers, My Favorite <3


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