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Mindflow Radio #86: Overcome Fear of the Future

In this episode:

  • Shine Attention by Jai and Monte: Monte on keys, drum, bass and vocals; Jai on vocals

  • Conversation with Jai and Monte about fear, overcoming the innate fear of the future and being human, and different teachings that help us focus in on this subject.

  • Three Little Birds (cover) by Jai and Monte: Monte on bass; Jai on harmonium and vocals.

  • Rapid fire round of mindful living skills to help our listeners better transform fear and be more successful as a human.

Happy October! It has been a whirlwind of a month here. Lots of healing, creating, collaborating and enjoying the challenge of the day by day journey. Please enjoy this episode made for you, your friends and your family. Many blessings, Jai


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