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Lamont McPheron

Lamont (Monte) McPheron MS, LPC is a co-founder of “The Heart Mind Center”, which was founded on the concept of creating a community of people interested in self-improvement and mysticism.

Monte is an original and penetrating thinker and applies this to his philosophies pertaining to the mind and spirituality.  He believes that each of us has the spark of God within, and that the human race is on the precipice of a new and more harmonious epoch.  He also believes we each have the ability to manifest mental, physical, and financial health.  


Lamont is a licensed Mental Health Therapist and author of The Mindfulness Handbook. He also is a Tai Chi instructor and mind health lecturer. He co-hosts the “Mindflow Radio” podcast and is a continuing education instructor at the University of Wisconsin Madison. He is a musical composer/performer and believes that art is one way to access divine energy.

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