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Johanna Navari Welch

Johanna Navari Welch serves as The Heart Mind Center’s Youth Director and Board Member Secretary.  As a former Waldorf early childhood educator and administrator, she brings a wealth of child development knowledge and creativity to HMC’s youth programming.  Johanna holds a certification in Kundalini and Radiant Child yoga which has allowed her to bring the meditative arts of breathwork, movement, and mindset to students of all ages.  Her positivity, bright light, and centered spiritual practices enable her to trust in the greater purpose of life and be the reason someone smiles each day.

Johanna is co-owner of Freeborn Fitness and Holistic Healing, an online fitness and wellness coaching practice where she utilizes her broad range of expertise in marketing strategy, brand ambassadorship, and collaborative leadership. She is a storyteller at heart!

Johanna resides in sunny Florida with her husband of 20 years, pre-teen daughter, and teenage son that are happily enjoying the home-schooled life.

“May my soul bloom in love for all existence.” — Rudolf Steiner

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